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Review materials, past and present, in our resources library.

Informational Materials


2023 Newsletter (August 2023)


Advocacy Guide (August 2023)


Overview Presentation (Updated January 2024)


District Fact Sheet (Updated January 2024)

July 13, 2022

Service Development Plan: Background and Future

August 25, 2022

Rail 101

September 15, 2022

Rail 102

Grant Applications


In March 2023, the FRPR District submitted an application to be included in the FRA’s Corridor Identification and Development Program. If accepted into the Program, the FRPR District would receive an initial $500,000 in federal funds.


The Southwest Chief & Front Range Passenger Rail Commission was awarded $548,000 from the Federal Railroad Administration to complete a Service Development Plan from Pueblo to Fort Collins. Local partners, including CDOT, the Rail Commission, ColoRail, the City and County of Pueblo, and the City of Trinidad, provided $3,377,000 in matching funds.

Past Studies and Reports


This report documents the history of the Southwest Chief & Front Range Passenger Rail Commission and lays the foundation for the transition to the Front Range Passenger Rail District. 

  • Legislation
    FRPR District Act (Colorado Senate Bill 21-238)
  • Bylaws and Policies 
    FRPRD Bylaws and Board Policy Manual FRPRD Procurement and Purchasing Policy for Goods and Services
  • Resolutions
    Resolution 22-E001 Public Meeting Disclosure Resolution 22-F001 Recognition of Prior Fiscal Commitments Resolution 23-01 Adopting the 2023 Budget Resolution 23-02 Ratifying Contracts for the Administration of District Start-Up Business Resolution 23-03 Authorizing Director and Employee and Reimbursements Resolution 23-04 Amending the District's Notice Policies Resolution 23-05 Adopting a Colorado Open Records Act Compliance Policy Resolution 23-06 Adopting a Procurement and Purchasing Policy for Goods and Services Resolution 23-07 Joining the Colorado Retirement Association Resolution 23-08 Ratifying Contract to Participate in COLOTRUST Resolution 23-09 Regarding Participation in the Colorado Local Government Liquid Asset Trust (COLOTRUST) Resolution 23-10 Adopting a Contract with HNTB Resolution 23-11 Adopting a Contract with CDR Resolution 23-12 Regarding District Policy Direction for 2024 Resolution 23-13 Adopting a 2024 Budget Resolution 23-14 Approving a Contract for Financial Advisory Services Resolution 23-15 Renewing a Contract with Andrew Karsian Resolution 23-16 Route Determination Resolution 24-01 Annual Administrative Resolution Resolution 24-02 Approving a Contract with Novitas Communication Resolution 24-03 Approving a Contract for Services with WPAI Resolution No. 24-04 Approving a Contract for Professional Services and Task Order Number 1 with CDR Associates Resolution 2024-05 Approving a Contract for Professional Services and Task Order Number 1 with Linhart Public Relations
  • Adopted Budgets
    FRPRD 2023 Final Budget FRPRD 2024 Final Budget
  • Annual Reports
    2023 Annual Report

Front Range Passenger Rail Alternatives Analysis (2020) 

Southwest Chief Thru-Car Service Study

The Southwest Chief & Front Range Passenger Rail Commission and CDOT received a federal grant to study the feasibility of adding passenger rail service between Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the existing Amtrak Southwest Chief station in La Junta. The Southwest Chief Thru-Car Service Study is a project to understand a range of potential service options for passenger rail in southwest Colorado. The options being considered are known as alternatives and will include operational strategies as well as capital investments—or the changes to physical infrastructure—needed to support expanded service. This passenger rail service would offer direct connections—or thru-car service—between the cities of La Junta, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs, connecting these communities with Amtrak’s existing Southwest Chief service, which operates between Chicago and Los Angeles.

To learn more, visit the Southwest Chief Thru-Car Service Study Website

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