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Need special assistance or accommodations?

Contact Ashica Smith, Accessibility Officer at

The District is committed to providing equitable access to materials and communications for all members of the public. As part of this commitment, the District is working toward enhancing this website and associated materials by the end of December 2024, in compliance with HB21-1110. We welcome feedback as we progress toward this milestone. 

Accessibility Resources

Compliance Procedures and Reports

The District regularly scans this website to support ongoing compliance and to make timely changes. We are working toward transitioning this website to comply with WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines. 

Linked Documents and Third Parties
This website may link out to third-party websites that do not have accessible content. This site may also include documents provided by third parties that are not accessible. While we cannot control the accessibility of content provided by third parties, we are happy to assist any member of the public with accessing content on our site.


Report an Accessibility Issue

Issues and requests for accommodation will be responded to by the compliance officer or designee within 3 business days.

Accessibility Officer

Ashica Smith


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