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Front Range Passenger Rail

A new transportation option for Colorado's Front Range.

A Growing Need for a Transportation Solution

From 2020 to 2050, an additional 3 million people are expected to live and commute along the Front Range.


Front Range communities are looking ahead to help Colorado grow sustainably and enhance residents’ quality of life. Front Range Passenger Rail (FRPR) is the vision for a new intercity passenger train service that initially stretches from Pueblo to Fort Collins, with the long term vision of connecting to New Mexico and Wyoming.

FRPR is crucial for Colorado’s future as it will provide a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation option connecting communities to key destinations.  

FRPR District Map

Get Involved

Public meetings will be held throughout the Service Development Plan process. Meeting dates will be shared with the mailing list and posted on this website.

In the meantime, Join our Mailing List or check out upcoming FRPR District Meetings.

What is the FRPR District?

The FRPR District is a new taxing district created by the Colorado Legislature in 2021 to design, construct, and operate a passenger rail system along the Front Range.


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